If you have an affiliate partnership with us and you want a boost of exposure, we don’t want your advertising budgets. Go spend them somewhere else.
We see ourselves as a company that is committed to valuing our visitors, so rather than paying us for ads, you can pay us with samples/products that can be delivered to our newsletter members and we will expose your brand all over our site accordingly.

How does Pay with Samples™ work?

Simply talk to our business development team by email or phone and they will set for you an exposure plan on our newsletter and website in return for free samples delivered to some lucky members of our newsletter samplesxo.com

Expose your brand to your target market!

Translate awareness into sales, GlowPrice.com, The Home of Skin Care Savings™, is open to partnership with skin care brands that truly care about new customers and want to make the internet even more beautiful for women! Your brand can be placed right where the customers will be looking to buy and ready to buy! Create strong awareness towards your brand and you will have the opportunity to translate this awareness into profit.

A word about our traffic:

Woman ages 35 – 55 from the USA that is mostly ready to purchase.

  • Age Segmentation

Enjoy the limelight:

Being showcased in a customized way with innovative marketing such as pay with samples™ is a true win/win as you won’t pay for advertising and the client will be safe and protected.

If your brand deserves to stand out among the wide variety of high-quality skin care products we have on our site, let us know, customers looking for great products and will have a look at your products first and will have the opportunity to fall in love with your brand. Let’s make it exciting so that customers will look forward to more fun experiences with your brand.

Reach out to new customers with FTC compliant brand exposure:

Our team operates fully by the U.S. FTC regulations, including California unique regulations. We respect the US law that’s why we not only think about clean marketing together with our partners, the name of the game is compliance!

If you think compliance is BS, you might have wanted to check what happened to Lord & Taylor:
Here are additional recent FTC charges against non-compliant skin care companies:

If you relate to non-compliant marketing practices, please do not reach us out.

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Let’s talk! Contact us at:
doron @ samplesxo dot com